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Attention Economy

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Every leader is interested in action. Examples of action in open, distributed, social networking environment are writing a Wikipedia entry, providing a bug fix in an open source software project, donating money, sharing an idea, or changing a thought pattern. But before you call for action, you first need to grab the attention of an individual.

Attention is prerequisite of action, and winning attention is a key leadership skill, especially in the crowded Internet space. In the coming posts, I’ll try to provide more insights into the following two questions:

  • How do I get attention from people who are likely to contribute to my project?
  • How do I retain attention from those people?

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The Leadership Hub

Today I have discovered an interesting website called The Leadership Hub, which aspires to become “the world’s online leadership community”. I have just signed up and reviewed some of its features, it looks like a typical social networking site integrating blogs, connections, groups, e-learning, with a vertical focus on leadership. As with many other similar sites, its value depends very much on the community, and it’s too early for me to assess it – let’s see how it has worked in a few days.

Reading List

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People say public commitment is a good way of motivating yourself to do certain work. So here goes a list of books I want to read in the next few months. I will also post their summaries and conclusions towards the concepts of leadership in social networks: Continue reading ‘Reading List’

Conclusions after reading The Starfish and the Spider

In the previous post, I have reviewed The Starfish and the Spider. The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations. The topic of this book is very close to my research interests investigated in this blog, as the notions of social networks and decentralized organizations (the starfish) are very similar. So, here are the gems from Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom’s book that I find most relevant:
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Review: The Starfish and the Spider

Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom are entrepreneurs. In The Starfish and the Spider they express their fascination of decentralized organizations, and their impact on the business world. Based on numerous examples, ranging from Alcoholics Anonymous to Skype and Wikipedia, they present to us a model of decentralized organization and the new business rules it implies.

A decentralized organization, compared to Starfish, can be defined by several characteristics, such as:
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Review: Principle-Centered Leadership

I approached Stephen Covey’s Principle-Centered Leadership not long after having read his famous The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Given the very high benchmark, I was a bit disappointed by the chaotic structure and repeating content. However, the key insights of Dr. Covey’s teachings on leadership sum up to quite an interesting model of leadership within organizations.

The key notion of the book is that leadership, in the same way as life in general, should be governed by principles. Dr. Covey describes four levels of leadership and corresponding four key principles that should be followed by effective leaders and organizations. Continue reading ‘Review: Principle-Centered Leadership’