Blog Action Day 2008

Today I have subscribed to Blog Action Day, and I will join thousands of bloggers posting about poverty on October 15th. Blog Action Day is a fantastic initiative, and it is also a great case study of leadership in the online community of bloggers. The story Building Momentum: How Blog Action Day Got Going by Collis Ta’eed reveals some principles that made it a success.

  1. Original. The idea was fresh, and this helped to grasp the attention of the community.
  2. Simple. One day, one issue, thousands of voices – the power of Blog Action Day lies in simplicity. It’s easy to understand what it is about, and it’s easy to participate.
  3. Common Value. All participants of Blog Action Day write on a single topic. Last year the topic was environment, this year it’s poverty. Most of the people care about both of them. This is the bond that draws people to join the community.
  4. Going Viral. There is no initiative that can attract participants if they don’t know about it. Collis, Cyan and Leo launched a great viral campaign to promote Blog Action Day. They leveraged the concept of social proof by recruiting catalysts – top blog writers to spread the word. They worked on great design which created a professional image (although the project had no funding!). They also made it easy to facilitate the word of mouth by providing banners and resources.
  5. Community First. Although Blog Action Day started as an idea of three individuals – Collis Ta’eed, Cyan Ta’eed, Leo Babauta – their names were never on the front page. Instead, the focus was always on the thousands of bloggers that participated in the project and the values they promoted.

If you care about poverty, join the Blog Action Day 2008!


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