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A Story About Attention And Leadership

When I was first employed by a large company, they organized a dinner for all the new hires with the organization’s leaders. We were invited to a fancy restaurant, there were about 20 new hires and 4 leaders, sitting among us. Doing a simple calculation you can count that every leader should talk to 5 new hires over the course of the dinner. Yet, although I was sitting just next to one of the leaders (let’s call him John), I haven’t had a chance to exchange more than one sentence with him. John was fully focused on the person sitting on his opposite side, and engaged in a deep conversation that lasted through the entire dinner. Continue reading ‘A Story About Attention And Leadership’


Attention Economy

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Every leader is interested in action. Examples of action in open, distributed, social networking environment are writing a Wikipedia entry, providing a bug fix in an open source software project, donating money, sharing an idea, or changing a thought pattern. But before you call for action, you first need to grab the attention of an individual.

Attention is prerequisite of action, and winning attention is a key leadership skill, especially in the crowded Internet space. In the coming posts, I’ll try to provide more insights into the following two questions:

  • How do I get attention from people who are likely to contribute to my project?
  • How do I retain attention from those people?

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