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Blogging and the Popularity Trap

Do your blog posts – their content, style and format – reflect the purpose of your blog? I’ve recently finished writing my About page, and while I changed the perspective to look at my blog from distance, I observed it was not the case for me.

I had started this blog as a journal to document my personal research, hold me accountable and share my research findings. I wanted to be professional about it, so I looked for professional blogging advice, such as from Problogger or Chris Brogan. I started the habit of checking my stats, and following diverse advice on increasing traffic.

Recently, traffic has become so important to me, that my focus shifted from following my purpose to writing posts that could become popular and increase the readership of my blog. You could say that our objectives may change, but when I deeply thought about it, it still does not matter to me as much as my core objective of pursuing and documenting research.

My plan to get out of this popularity trap is to define principles that should be the foundation for this blog. My blog posts should be clear, concise, and serve the purpose of documenting, sharing and facilitating discussion on my research.

Are you falling in the popularity trap as well? What are your ways to get out of it?