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Blog Action Day 2008

Today I have subscribed to Blog Action Day, and I will join thousands of bloggers posting about poverty on October 15th. Blog Action Day is a fantastic initiative, and it is also a great case study of leadership in the online community of bloggers. The story Building Momentum: How Blog Action Day Got Going by Collis Ta’eed reveals some principles that made it a success.

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Leadership in Search of Happiness


In an inspirational talk at TED conference, economist Eleni Gabre-Madhin points to the example of Kingdom of Bhutan measuring its economy in terms of Gross National Happiness rather than Gross National Product. This is a benchmark for her vision of Ethiopia – to make it a happy nation by eliminating hunger.

During her years of research in Africa’s agriculture and economy, Eleni Gabre-Madhin observed both farmers’ ability to produce crops, as well as structural inefficiencies of the market. Obstacles such as natural risks, unpredictable cycles of crop scarcity and abundance and poor infrastructure contribute to the lack of economic stability of African farmers and hamper food distribution across fertile and barren regions.

Drawing on examples from the Chicago Board of Trade and its followers, the speaker proposes a solution to the structural problems of Ethiopian agriculture. Her plan is to found a commodities market in Ethiopia, which should be adapted to the local circumstances. She has been able to convince the government to follow her plan by establishing trading systems, warehouses and data centers, and she strongly believes that farmers will be able to boost their economic performance under such conditions. In her own words, “change is in the air”. Continue reading ‘Leadership in Search of Happiness’