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Social Networking & Leadership Digest for December 17

Articles and posts that I found interesting keep piling up, and I thought listing them here could be a nice way to take them out of my to-do list. This time all come from the management bloggers at Harvard Business Online.

Charlene Li putting down the business value of social networking sites like Facebook. Firstly, business is social, and by staying on top of your network with help of social networking sites, you build the relationships which will likely benefit your business. Secondly, as the number of non-adolescent Facebook users grow, business-oriented applications are likely to appear. Finally, this is the medium to reach your customers, prospects and employees – and there are already numerous case studies in this area.

A contrary discussion point regarding the business value of social networking sites by Tom Davenport. Main argument to deny the business value of social networking is that companies are managed top down, and there is no place for employees to increase their power the way that consumers do via social networking.

Yet another critique on the business value of social networking via Tom Davenport – this time focused on the (lack of) usefulness of LinkedIn.

Gary Hamel reviews the design flows of bureaucratic organizations and shows how Enterprise 2.0 technologies can fix them. The article lists the key web-based solutions to old management problems:

  • A democracy of ideas
  • Distributing the tools of innovation
  • A market for judgement
  • An internal “band of angels”
  • Reverse accountability

Hamel vs. Davenport


I am struggling with the amount of publications on social networking and leadership, and the observation that I am contributing to this curse of abundance makes me shiver. To get some quality insights, I went to Harvard Business Online and ended up reading two related blog posts by Tom Davenport and Gary Hamel. To make it more interesting, they represented quite contrary views on the value that social networking adds to the business. Continue reading ‘Hamel vs. Davenport’