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Ubuntu Success Story Proves Value of Community Driven Projects

A report from LinuxWorld provides evidence of the growing value we already get from community driven projects:

At the LinuxWorld expo in San Francisco, analyst Jay Lyman of the 451 Group spoke about the potential for enterprise adoption of Ubuntu and the impact that community-driven Linux distributions will have on the market.

Companies are increasingly choosing free community-driven Linux distributions instead of commercial offerings with conventional support options.

By the way, the term ubuntu comes from the same South African tribe headed by Chief Jongintaba, which also shaped the character of Nelson Mandela. It stands for a quality of mutual responsibility and compassion.


Open Projects: Some Draft Ideas

What are the key elements of successful open source projects that engage hundreds of people?

Imagine an almost ideal information model of human – every element (gene, particle, organ …) is described and its characteristics are stored in form of parameters. There are relationships defined between those elements, which can take parameters on their own. Furthermore, imagine a group of people who volunteer to be described by means of this model. They provide their genetic code, and allow for storing information of actual parameters recording the state of their body. Continue reading ‘Open Projects: Some Draft Ideas’