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Vacation, Links, Future Outlook and a Quote

I’m sitting in a coffee house and preparing my last post before vacation. The plan for the next three weeks is following: Romania – visiting small villages in the Maramures area, looking at the monasteries and checking out wineries in Bucovina, spending a few days in Transilvania, sightseeing Sigishoara, Sibiu, Brasov, and hiking in the Carpatian mountains. Greece – relax on a beach somewhere on the Chalkidiki coastline, maybe a bit of diving, cycling and hiking.

Here come a few links I found interesting, but couldn’t post about being busy packing my stuff for the travel:

Linux Foundation interviews Mitchell Baker

The Importance of Seeds

How a Business Could Use Friendfeed For Collaboration

Open, philanthropy and a theory of change

My vacation will effectively mean three weeks without the internet and posting to this blog, but I have some good plans following my vacation. This include finally creating my “About” page, continuing the social psychology tips for online community management, catching up with the book reviews (see my Reading List), and many more. I encourage you to come back and visit around mid September – or even better, sign up for the RSS feed!

Finally, the quote – I found it in the comments section under the article “Why Online Communities Fail?”:

No matter how much money you throw at it or how fancy the technology, an online community is only as relevant as the people involved.

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Cheers, Darek