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Challenges for Open Business Models

Another article from The McKinsey Quarterly (see previous post) provides very useful insights on the process and challenges of open innovation. Jacques Bughin, Michael Chui, and Brad Johnson provide several examples of organizations following an approach which they call distributed cocreation, characterized by multiple parties collaborating to jointly create new products or services.
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Review: The Starfish and the Spider

Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom are entrepreneurs. In The Starfish and the Spider they express their fascination of decentralized organizations, and their impact on the business world. Based on numerous examples, ranging from Alcoholics Anonymous to Skype and Wikipedia, they present to us a model of decentralized organization and the new business rules it implies.

A decentralized organization, compared to Starfish, can be defined by several characteristics, such as:
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Leading through conversations

If you try to imagine the act of exercising leadership, you can think of an ancient king urging his horse, raising a sword and shouting to his army to follow him. Or, you can think of a great leader delivering a charismatic speech. These typical images do not, however, reflect the fact that leadership normally happens through conversations. This is the basis for a dialogic leadership model presented by William N. Isaacs. Continue reading ‘Leading through conversations’